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Medicine Wheel Workshop - Celebrating the East - April 22, 2023

Medicine Wheel Workshop - Celebrating the East - April 22, 2023

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Saturday April 22, 2023 - It's time to CELEBRATE THE EAST

Grandmother Lucie invites you ON THE MEDICINE WHEEL in Grondines at Aliksir.

Grandmother Jeorgina Larocque, Micmac medicine woman, established the medicine wheel at Aliksir.

According to tradition, this circle of stones channels a force that helps bring together the energies of heaven and earth. It has a specific vocation of healing the heart and that is why Grandma Jeorgina hid a piece of rose quartz under each stone.
Grandmother Jeorgina cannot join us, but Grandmother Lucie Papillon Blanc will take charge of the celebrations in accordance with tradition, both alchemical and Native American.

This season, the East is the star! It nourishes us with the energy of renewal.

His favorite words are: hatching, rebirth, inauguration, germination, start-up, 1-2-3 GO! This is the beginning, the energy of the buds. It bursts of life and of wanting.

We will celebrate the projects of creatives of all kinds there because a new world is preparing. We want to unite intentions.

Together we give them life, momentum and growth spurt.


Saturday April 22, 2023 From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


At Lucia's
1010 Roy Road,
Grondines (Quebec) G0A 1W0

In the afternoon we will go on the wheel of Aliksir

How much?

50.00$ and you leave with a mist from 5 continents

  1. Welcome
  2. Presentation of the Mic Mac medicine wheel, related to alchemy
  3. Talking circle: people and projects name and share
  4. The Great Earth Project
  5. Meal*
  6. Give / Receive
  7. Connect and swarm

*We picnic together, please bring your meal. Depending on your preference, bring a lawn chair or blanket to sit on the floor.


Ladies out of respect for tradition, we wear a skirt (a sarong in an overcoat is fine)

To give and receive between the participants, you can bring one or more objects to give


Pure, organic and authentic essential oils, with high vibrational quality.

100% of the ingredients are of natural origin. No synthetic preservatives or fragrances.

Precautions for use

Keep out of reach of children, air, heat and light.

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  • 'Cet atelier m'a littéralement sauvée. Je revenais d'un séjour traumatisant d'un génocide et j'avais perdu toute foi en l'humanité et en l’au-delà. Grace aux huiles essentielles, Grand mère Lucie a réussi à m'ouvrir à une autre voie, à faire renaitre l'espoir en moi. Ce fut le début d'une plus grande paix. Merci de tout cœur' - Lydya

  • 'Vraiment merci pour tout !!!!! Tu m’accompagnes avec tes magnifiques parfums et ces enseignements profonds ♥️ Reçois toute ma gratitude 🙏 et mon affection ♥️.' - Marie-Josée A.S.

  • 'Ta formation est passionnante, apaisante et encourageante, je sens que je retrouve le cap, le sens et les clefs pour les garder. Nous qui passons notre temps à materner tout le monde, quel bonheur, quelle douceur de se sentir nous aussi
    materné, "porter", guider vers l'essentiel.'
    - Marie Christine D.

  • 'Merci beaucoup madame Lucie. os propos sont d'une grande richesse. Je suis très heureuse de poursuivre ce parcours avec vous sur la Boussole aromatique.' - Lauréanne

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