Lucie B.-Mainguy, who is she?

Distiller, creator of numerous aromatic synergies for more than 30 years.

Trained as an architect, I have been passionate about aromatherapy since 1988 and explore, one plant at a time, the immense power of essential oils. Within Aliksir, I immersed myself in the discovery of the therapeutic and energetic power of oils from all over the world. Native American at heart, alchemist at heart and creator of many aromatic synergies, I repeatedly marvel at the results and successes for wellness goals. I have received and deepened for more than 40 years teachings of wisdom and understanding that I would now like to share: on the Native American Medicine Wheel the Grandmother occupies the west stone and her role is to pass on to the next this that she received during her life path.

I have traveled the world to offer the aromatic riches of Quebec and to bring back treasures from elsewhere. Now, beyond the health of the body with medicinal, food or cosmetic applications, I have chosen to focus on energy functions, the spirit of plants, the wordless language of Mother Nature. Alchemy, which teaches us about distillation, has the avowed aim of bringing out the spirit of matter and the Aromatic Compass of 9 energetic synergies has precisely been created to accompany us on the way back to the Source, deep healing.

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  • Grand-mère Lucie, tisseuse de lien, passeuse de savoir, roue de médecine

    As a grandmother

    I am very honored to have been consecrated "Grandmother White Butterfly" by Grandmother Jeorgina in 2005, during the ceremony of establishing the Medicine Wheel in Aliksir. According to Aboriginal tradition, this title is an acknowledgment of acquired wisdom and it comes with a responsibility to support and teach future generations.

  • Grand-mère Lucie, formation en huiles essentielles, usages et pratiques courantes

    As a teacher

    I share with you the art of using essential oils in everyday life for the well-being of body and heart. They are becoming a way of life as they find their place in a host of areas of everyday life.

  • Grand-mère Lucie, personnalités inspirantes, parcours de vie, solutions au quotidien

    As a dating host

    I had the chance to meet great people and I want to connect people from various backgrounds, create a space for benevolent sharing to find inspiration and solutions on a daily basis.

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Grand-mère Lucie, Lucie Bernatchez Mainguy cofondatrice et PDG d’Aliksir de 1988 à 2022

From 1988 to 2022 – Aliksir at the heart of his life

At the creation and at the helm of Aliksir from 1988 to 2022, Lucie B.-Mainguy quickly positioned Aliksir as “the reference” for those looking for therapeutic quality essential oils aimed primarily at effective and safe medicinal use.

Lucie had also given herself the mission of transmitting to her clientele all the knowledge and tools necessary to approach daily life from a better angle, that of autonomy and creativity!

More than 30 years of experience

More than 1000 students

A company recognized in Quebec and internationally for its organic products

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  • Grand-mère Lucie, huiles essentielles biologiques et authentiques

    Organic & authentic

    Respect for nature, for our nature, is one of our fundamental values. As much as possible, we therefore always favor organic and, when possible, fair trade in our purchases.

  • Grand-mère Lucie, respect de l'environnement

    Respect the environment

    In all our activities, we strive to limit our ecological footprint. Recycling, reducing waste, reusing, composting and reusing waste are all ways of consuming less to reduce the pressure exerted by human activity on our one and only Planet.

  • Grand-mère Lucie, produits non toxiques


    All our prepared products are filled with the benefits of medicinal and aromatic plants and free from the direct or cumulative toxicity of synthetic texturizers, preservatives, fragrances and other nuisances commonly used in industrial cosmetics and household products.

  • Grand-mère Lucie, des produits avec des ingrédients simples et nobles


    All of our products have a SIMPLE list of ingredients.

Why Grandma Lucia?

"Because after more than thirty years spent in the service of the production and promotion of essential oils, after more than thirty years dealing with educational, productive and administrative activities, to make known and adopt healthy natural and autonomous family health, I really feel ready to fully assume this title of Grandmother worthy organic and social function which has always underpinned my desire to help people in bad shape of all kinds and to make this field known to surprising performances and full of happy solutions.”

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Grand-Mère Lucie is a space of benevolence.

Thanks to the liberation of knowledge and by choosing to walk her path, Grand-Mère Lucie wants to weave the bonds of a new community of human beings who are more confident, aware, competent, capable of speaking out and feeling supported in the path they choose.

Thank you for your support of the #knowing and #savoiretre movement to #change the world with an enlightened look at the infinite possibilities that Nature contains.