Collection: Aromatic Compass - 9 energy synergies

9 energy synergies, inner journey guides

Uniting heart, body and mind, these 9 synergies will help you to enhance your energetic vigor and your lucidity.
Each of these synergies vibrates at its own frequency, associated with:

  • a thought,
  • a stone,
  • a color,
  • a number… from zero to infinity.

To let yourself be guided by the synergy of the day, draw a random synergy of the day, let yourself be guided by your hand; draw from the bag, randomly, for the mood, the question of the moment, you will receive the appropriate gift.

Using this set of natural fragrances that unites the forces of Nature, Grand Mother Lucie wanted to help people reconnect with the knowledge and wisdom of Mother Nature. She also hopes to arouse with the real living songs of the Earth the wonder that nourishes the heart, the joy of existing and opens the door to more spirit in our lives.

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