• Introduction to the communication of essential oils


    Lucie offers you unique communication and interpretation keys to evolve and progress with the subtle energy of

    Thanks to the aromatic synergies that will be offered to you, you will be initiated with simplicity into the sacred medicines of the earth and will learn to trust this nature filled with inexhaustible riches.

    It is the result of many years of experimentation with essential oils that Lucie calls "The essence of plants", combined with the energy of the verb and the sounds of musical notes.

    You will be invited to live a deep experience and hear what the essence is able to reveal to you.

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  • roue de médecine chez Aliksir à Grondines au Québec


    Grandmother Jeorgina Larocque, Micmac medicine woman, established the medicine wheel at Aliksir's in Grondines (Quebec).

    According to tradition, this circle of stones channels a force that helps bring together the energies of heaven and earth; the stone circle implanted here also has a specific vocation for healing the heart and that is why Grandmother Jeorgina hid a piece of rose quartz under each stone.

    Grandmother Jeorgina cannot join us, but Grandmother Lucie Papillon Blanc will take charge of the celebrations in accordance with tradition, both alchemical and Native American.

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