Fondée en 1988, Aliksir est une entreprise productrice d'huiles essentielles

From 1988 to 2022 – Aliksir at the heart of my life

At the creation and at the helm of Aliksir from 1988 to March 2022, Lucie B.-Mainguy quickly positioned Aliksir as "the reference" for those who were looking for essential oils of therapeutic quality aimed primarily at effective and safe medicinal use.

In 1988, there were few actors in this field in Quebec. To develop, aromatherapy needed everything: local aromatic plants, distillers and importers dedicated to this category of products, rigorous and competent quality control, qualified therapists, trainers and a reliable distribution network.

At Aliksir, from 1988 to 1996, a family hobby gradually turned into a business. In 2000, Pierre Mainguy, the father of the project, died suddenly, leaving behind a distraught team but which recovered courageously, motivated by the beauty of the estate and the accuracy of the project.

Collectively, in 2022 we can look back with pride on the progress made and pay tribute to the efforts of all the enthusiasts who have built this collective natural wealth here. Those who considered themselves competitors were actually fellow developers in a new field that needed a lot of people to emerge.

For my part, now withdrawn from the active circuit, I would like to greet with gratitude a large number of people who have each in their own way contributed to the advancement of the field. If you are one of those, take it for yourself because if I tried to list, I would be in great danger of forgetting important people. I will therefore mention three scientists who have been important to us and whose work has left its mark

Guy Collin, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Basic Sciences and President of the LASEVE Corporation:

André Bélanger from Agriculture Canada who told us about the network and available resources in our field and contributed to numerous studies to validate the functions of Quebec oils.

As well as Professor Monique Lacroix of the Armand-Frappier Health Biotechnology Center of INRS

Hello! Don't fall asleep! It is not finished!

The Grandmother now feels called upon to contribute to the future, with strong indications of potential that science has highlighted...

There is still work to be done and more than ever, clinical research must support the proof of the medicinal functions of essential oils in the field of public health. These natural solutions come at the right time when antibiotics come up against the phenomenon of resistance and herd immunity is challenged by new viruses while an epidemic of allergies seems to indicate that immunity is not at its best.

Essential oils and many other natural products can be part of the solution. They just need recognized evidence to be part of our public health resources

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