Discover the energy synergy No 0 Balance

No 0 Équilibre, synergie énergétique d'huiles essentielles 2 ml, Grand Mère Lucie


It is the synergy that frees the shackled soul, clarifies the mind, chases away intruders, protects and balances.
- Verb: cleanse, clarify and consolidate
- Element: none in the material
- Feeling: tranquility, strength and security. I am centered, balanced, complete, lucid, free
- Silver color
- Stone: white quartz

Key ingredients:
Lavandula officinalis (HE Lavender), Tsuga canadensis (HE Hemlock), Salvia apiana (HE White sage)

warm, sweet, energizing, nourishing.

Ritual of use:
Apply in a circle in the palm of the hand, join and rub the hands, then feel while inhaling in the joined hands parted.

Lucie tells you what the 0 Balance synergy can bring you

thought of intention

“I give thanks for the abundance in my life. »

Message from your spirit

If you have picked perfume 0, it is time to get rid of your pollutants; break the locks?


It is important for you at this time to regain your consistency and balance. By cleansing your physical and energetic body, find your authenticity, your unity, your freedom and clear intentions! Be alone in your shoes so that your thoughts and feelings are truly your own. Find your true nature, freed from the influences and confusions of disparate and contradictory thoughts.


Issue 1

Who orders here?

Issue 2

Who has the right to live my life?

Issue 3

What do I choose to live?


Every time I come home, after busy days, I recap, I resume, I give back... thank you good evening 😊

All followed quite naturally by a sigh releasing the diaphragm.

Of course we take advantage of the bath and the shower to neutralize and drain towards the earth which absorbs and recycles everything.

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