Soon February 14... Valentine's Day "lovers' day"

At the first reading level, it's time to celebrate the love between two people who love each other and who want to tell each other. A beneficial break that should allow you to stop the clock and give yourself what matters most: quality time and attention, two treasures that have become rare these days. 
More generally, what is Love with a capital A which looks like the roof of a house, which encompasses a family, or even a village, a country, a planet, a solar system and even a universe? Thus, we go from this two at the start, to infinity... 
Without zigzags, I jump to the conclusion. To make it simple and experimental, I would like to clarify two interesting expressions: "God is Love" and "God is everywhere" I really like to see it like that to be able to conclude "Love is everywhere". 


In reality, I wanted to talk to you about the unconditional love that is evoked as the pinnacle of divine energy. I dare not say anything about the “unnameable” but I would still like to tell you that these big abstract words that seem totally unreachable have meaning in our real life experiences. As a mother and grandmother, I experienced ecstasies of infinite love for no reason and no expectations, only liaisons. These dazzling liaisons, feelings of unlimited Love ask for nothing in return. It is in this genre simply “unconditional love”; many experience it through this parental bond like me but it is not the only way. Personally, I like to recreate this state of limitless happiness. Just let yourself be overwhelmed by the beauty that arouses a feeling of admiration and wonder...a flower in the pebbles, an apple in the grass, the lichen on the bark of the tree, the kitten suckling its purring mother while walking. We allow ourselves to love without limit, simply because we love to love and because the state of loving does us good. 
No need to possess, no need for the reciprocal, no need even for the other to know it. It is state love, love without an object eventually. It's between us and us. It's easy 😊
Happy Love Day 


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