Grandma, what are you doing?

I am very honored to have been consecrated "Grand-Mother White Butterfly" by Grand-Mother Jeorgina in 2005, at the Medicine Wheel establishment ceremony. According to indigenous tradition, this title is a recognition of acquired wisdom (it is not enough to be old) and it comes with a responsibility to support and teach the following generations.

In our “modern” culture, this awareness of the value and role of elders is somewhat erased, but let's get back to it as soon as possible; it will be good for everyone.

When one takes a seat on the west stone, at my stage of life, a whole new freedom manifests as one abandons the productive activities of young adults. Then comes the time to consolidate the links between generations and to try to extract a little more collective wisdom from each lived human experience. To talk about humans, my preferred language is that of the heart, that of feelings because even if it is sometimes clumsy, it is the one that does not know how to lie. It is the language of truth.

Through the wonder of medicinal uses, my journey taught me the true value of plant essences and my favorite retirement project is to share this path of evolution that could be described as an initiatory journey.

Subtle aromatherapy

An online training is being prepared for you under the theme of subtle aromatherapy. Using a perfume kit that I created, we experience the energetic anatomy, associated with the energetic functions of essential oils, evolution booster. Keep an eye out for this project appearing on the site; a joyful and smiling way towards the consciousness of the Self. We will experience the energetic functions of the oils: they have an influence on us by affecting the body, the heart and the spirit at the same time. If this speaks to you, let's take the path of the heart and wonder together.

Pass on family aromatherapy

I want to share with you the art of living with essential oils.

Share tips and tricks

  • know how to live with essential oils
  • search and find scientific information

Accompany you in aromatherapy/pharmacy

I can support you in your needs:

  • during an aromatherapy consultation.
  • when creating an olfactory synergy.

You can also send me a recipe to prepare at any time.

Support a great mission

Gives back to organizations that work to validate the medicinal functions of essential oils and other natural products.

keep learning

New costumes and roles but the same passions and values.
It starts with taking quality time for me and my family.
Connect to the elements Earth Water Air and Fire extract from myself the fifth element.

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