The end of a cycle with Aliksir

Now, Lucie B. Mainguy can become a full-time Grandmother Lucie.

I sit on the west stone of the great circle of life.

The Medicine Wheel on the land of Aliksir teaches that this phase of life is one of assessment, understanding and communication. It is the last quarter of the circle, that which precedes the return to the world of the spirits.

Freed from many obligations and enriched by the experiences of the path traveled, I could now devote myself to activities that were patiently waiting for this moment. In March 2022, Aliksir announced a big change to you. With joy, pride and a sorrow similar to that of a mother who gives her daughter in marriage, I sold my marvelous "Aliksir" to the Biolandes company managed by Philippe Coutière and represented by Lin Corte new general manager of Biolandes America North.

On behalf of all Aliksir co-creators from 1988 to 2022,

She made us discover the essential oils of Quebec; it gave us access to these royal substances of the whole earth. She taught us that each drop is a treasure, she gave us millions of golden pearls; it has made us all richer than the richest elders who once ruled the world. What was once reserved for monarchs, bourgeois, nobles and priests is offered to us on a platter to us ordinary people thanks to the know-how of the new alchemists, the contemporary distillers who are scattered all over the world.

Because the Great Mother Earth gives them to us: to collect them in us it is enough to breathe them, to walk in the forest, to smell the flowers. The sun and the wind freely distribute these aromatic pearls to us.

However, urbanized as we are and cut off from our roots with the Earth, we need alchemists who capture these smells and retain them in order to release them elsewhere, on our bodies, in our homes and in our cities. Thanks to this traditional distillation which respects the spirit of the plant, we have within our reach magical and dynamic substances, alive and vibrating with plant consciousness.

Personally, Aliksir brought me a lot from all points of view. I had the immense privilege of having on hand and under my nose fabulous treasures. I met extraordinary people. I considered myself richer than the most precious princesses who never had so many. I still have so much happiness hearing the real oils sing in their “Tournaire” container that this happiness is inscribed in my soul forever.

For more than thirty years, I have explored the most magnificent of realms. I followed the trail of essential oils in almost every way. Mother Nature was my life coach and Grandmother Jeorgina medicine woman Mic Mac taught me some of the wisdom of the ancients of America. In 2004, she established me as "Grandmother Lucie" and on the occasion of a ceremony built at Aliksir's house a Medicine Wheel symbol of the wisdom of the ancestors and channel of Heaven/Earth energies which unite in us as the Alchemists also teach us. “ The wheel is the representation of who we are, where we come from, and where we are going. The Wheel is the story of this Planet” and I would add that essential oils are the voice of the plants of this planet, the wordless language of Grandmother Earth who knows our origin and the way back to the source.

Through the wonder of medicinal uses, my journey taught me the true value of plant essences and my favorite retirement project is to share this path of evolution that could be described as an initiatory journey. An online training is being prepared for you under the theme of subtle aromatherapy. Using a perfume kit that I created, we experience the energetic anatomy, associated with the energetic functions of essential oils, evolution booster.

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